If you want to know what really makes me tick, it’s knowing Jesus. I believe that having a personal relationship with Christ has to be just that–personal. It’s not following the dogma of someone else, or saying what is “right” because that’s what others say and do. It’s following what scripture says is truth, thinking for yourself about what that means, learning more about Him to know you are following the truth, having fellowship with other believers, and living a life of servanthood.

I’m a mom, a pastor’s wife, a daughter, a sister, and a friend. My job title is Technology Integration Specialist. I am passionate about learning, and need to be learning to feel recharged. I believe I’ve been called to the ministry of education, and I gladly submit to that. I spend most of my blogging time posting about that ministry too. However, this blog is to help me process what I’m learning about my faith. Please comment to help me think more deeply about the love of my life.


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