God Loves You and has a Plan for You

Faith. Trust.

Following God means hearing promises over and over, and obeying what is asked. Genesis 22:1-19 shares about Abraham having the faith and trust to offer up his son, Isaac, on an altar, and God blessed him.

Here’s the thing, Abraham has time and time again messed up. For example, Abraham took his handmaid, Hagar, to procreate… Their son, Ishmael, is described as a wild donkey of a man who was against everyone and everyone was against him. Later on Sarah has a son, Isaac, and is cherished by Abraham.

Even though Abraham loved Isaac, he was willing to trust God, and he was blessed because of it. All of the pain and shortcomings were perfected through faith and trust in following God.

This story makes me think of ballet and enduring through the trials and pains of practice, learning from mistakes, and trusting in another — and the end results is something spectacular.

Photo Credit: Jean-François Chénier via Compfight cc

Do you recognize the pains and shortcomings as a means to perfect your faith and trust in the Lord?


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