Perfect Priest, Perfect Bridge, Perfect Path to Growth

Grow in Christ.
Get to know other Christians.
Go serve others, share His glory through your servanthood.

Ponder Him.
Know his promises.
Allow Him to fulfill my needs.

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Do I want to stay the same, or I want to grow?

What would Jesus say to me in regards to my problems?

Jesus is my bridge builder to God. He bridges the gap between my Creator and me.

Jesus does not promise that He will heal me, answer my questions, say “yes” to all my prayer requests. He does promise me that He is the bridge to God, and will grow me. He will push me grow, and will use what will work for me, which includes growing me through pain and despair.

He chooses different stimuli to grow us, based on our needs. For example, in Mark 10, the rich young ruler had a downfall, which kept him from worshiping the Lord–his wealth was his god. So, Jesus pushed him to leave his wealth so he could worship God. Wealth wasn’t the downfall of everyone, so Jesus pushed others to grow in different ways. He individualizes because He loves us that much.

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Nicodemus had different needs. Even though he believed in Jesus because of the signs He performed, believing was not enough — a genuine heavenly rebirth was needed — the rebirth that takes place when you hand over mind and heart to the Lord. In other words, it’s not enough to know that Jesus is the bridge to God. One must put faith in the bridge and walk it.

Hebrews 7:25 Therefore he is able to save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them.

We all have different needs and different roadblocks. Jesus will push us to grow, and how he pushes us is individualized. Choosing the Lord is a priority, and if we don’t make Him one, He’ll provide us with circumstances to grow us because we mean that much to Him.

What would Jesus say to you to build your bridge and fill that gap?

How would He engage you to make Him your main priority?

Most of this post was written during today’s sermon. As I continue to reflect on the sermon, I’ve used my notes to create this post.


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